The Duncan DuPre House

Januar 3, 2008

This Spartanburg landmark serves as an exceptional architectural piece of Spartanburgs past. It reflects fine design and
craftsmanship. It is sided with clapboard, cedar shingles, has six chimneys for twelve fireplaces, a slate roof and holds original fixtures. The DuPre House was built in 1885-86 by Bishop William Wallace Duncan. He and his wife Medora Rice Duncan had three childern. Their daughter Caroline Duncan DuPre and her husband Warren Dupre took ownership of the home after Mr. Duncan died in 1908. The house continued to be lived in and maintained by the family until the 1970’s.
The house originally resided at 249 North Church Street in Spartanburg and was moved to the current location on Howard Street by the Renaissance Park developers instead of razing it. The Preservation Trust of Spartanburg, Inc is dedicated to restore it. The restoration will start in fall 2007. For more information go to The Preservation Trust


One Response to “The Duncan DuPre House”

  1. Wallace Duncan DuPre Jr. Says:

    Thnaks for the display[ hopefully this will help to save and restore the homeplace

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