Kid’s Planet

Januar 7, 2008

Kids Planet is the place to go in Greer with your children! Nestled in Century Park in Greer it is a wonderful gathering area for all ages. There are two terrific play-structures, surrounded by picnic areas, pavilions and a walking track. The playground was built by more than 3,000 volunteers from the community of Greer, for all children of the Upstate. It took one year of fund raising, designing, finding volunteers and buying lumber and tools, before they could start to build the structure from the ground up. The first playground was build in only nine days in March of 1999. The second playstructures, which is accessible by children and adults in wheelchairs, was designed and build in just five days in October 2001.

The design of each playground was inspired by dreams of children in the community, designed and planned by Leathers and Associates of Ithaca, New York, and adults carried out these dreams with hammers, saws and drills.
On the second distinctive playground every apparatus is 100% accessible by children and adults in wheelchairs. It allows children and adults of all abilities to play side-by-side. Kids Planet attracts children, families and special needs groups from across the Upstate. This playground is a free, safe haven to run, jump, laugh and play for every child and a special meeting place where the community can come together.

The surrounding pavilions may be rented March – October in 2 hour time periods. Small shelters are $10.00 and Large shelters are $20.00. For further information call the Greer Recreation Department at 848-5384.

Kids Planet is located at Century Park, south of Downtown Greer.
3605 Brushy Creek Road, between Hwy. 14 and Buncombe Road, Greer

Kid’s Planet

© Flavia Westerwelle


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