Greer Station

Februar 5, 2008

Greer Station- The Greer Downtown Historic District is significant for its high concentration of intact examples of early twentieth century commercial architecture. The commercial buildings in the district signify Greer’s expansion from an agricultural market place to include an industrial and manufacturing economy.

Greer was first established as Greer’s Station in 1873 as a flag station along the Atlanta Charlotte Air Line Railroad. From the late 1870s through the 1890s, downtown Greer prospered in the cotton trade and the streets were lined with a wide variety of businesses such as general stores, physicians, and other essential services. These and many early businesses in Greer were grouped in wood frame buildings around the Public Square and along Trade Street. With the expansion of the textile mills, downtown Greer also expanded in the form of new industry and commerce focused on supporting textiles. These new businesses and their industries changed the face of downtown Greer as they replaced older wood frame buildings with brick commercial structures. The district contains forty-six properties, forty of which are considered contributing to the character of the historic district. The contributing properties represent the development of the downtown as the center of commerce in Greer, and were constructed from ca. 1900 to ca. 1940, with the majority constructed between 1910 and 1930.
Downtown Greer Station was the focal point of business, commerce, and entertainment for the community well into the 1960’s.
As time went by downtown Greer began to decline due to the growth on Wade Hampton Boulevard (US Highway 29). It was not until 1998 with the formation of the Partnership for Tomorrow (PFT) that downtown Greer began to reverse this decline and begin to go in a new direction. PFT set out to shape the future of downtown Greer or as it would be known ‚Greer Station.‘ They envisioned the downtown area again returning as the City Center and the focal point of the community.
Greer Station has entered into a new era that has seen over 40 new businesses to the downtown area with new streetscape improvements, restoration efforts on numerous buildings, numerous events / festivals held in downtown.
Greer Station is again becoming a destination point.

Greer Station
Greer Station / Greer City

© Flavia Westerwelle


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