Step into the Past in Colins Ole Towne

August 3, 2009

Colins Ole Towne

Colins Ole Towne

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting this small town and hidden treasure off the beaten path.
The couple Pat and Roy Collins recreated their own small village on their family homestead near Central, SC.
All buildings at the village were constructed on site, with material form demolished and renovated homes around Central and timber from trees on the property, sawed at the saw mill of Ole Towne.
The recreated village depicting the period of the 1930th features a little red school house, a well stocked general store, barber shop, sawmill, and an inn with a large dining room. Just recently Roy started to build a chapel as the newest addition.
All buildings are lovingly decorated and outfitted with memorabilia, furnishings, collections and materials to bring back the atmosphere of a bygone era.
The school with its bell and bell tower, old school desks, old books and a wood burning heater provides an authentic feeling of school in session and students which just left their desk for recess.

Pat and Roy Collins collected all items, memorabilia, furniture, and collections in and around Central or during their travels through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.
Each year Colins Ole Towne comes to life with two special events, a molasses-making event in October of each year and a Christmas Open House, when the small town is decorated for an old-fashioned country Christmas.

The little village is located at 228 Lawton Road off S.C. 93
It is open year round and can be visited by appointment.
Roy and Pat Collins
228 Lawton Road
Central, SC 29630
Phone: 864-639-2618

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Photos from Greenville, SC


One Response to “Step into the Past in Colins Ole Towne”

  1. transdomo Says:

    Dear David Nabors,
    Regarding Collins Ole Towne please call :
    Roy and Pat Collins
    228 Lawton Road
    Central, SC 29630
    Phone: 864-639-2618

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