Walnut Grove Plantation

September 17, 2009

Walnut Grove Plantation @Flavia Westerwelle

Walnut Grove Plantation @Flavia Westerwelle

Walnut Grove Plantation was established ca. 1763 by Charles Moore. When this area was still on the western frontier he received a grant for 550 acres along the Tyger River by England’s King George III. Later Charles Moore received additional grants bringing his total acreage to about 3,000.
Charles and his wife Mary Moore built the clapboard-over-log plantation home in 1765, a school building in 1770 and operated the first school in Spartanburg County. They raised 10 children on the property, all of whom lived to adulthood. The plantation was named for the walnut trees planted on the property by their first child, Kate Moore Barry. Their ninth child Andrew Barry Moore was the county’s first college-trained physician.
In 1961 descendants of Charles and Mary Moore still owned the house and property and donated the plantation home along with eight acres to the Spartanburg County Historical Association.
The historic site of Walnut Grove can be visited and portrays the living conditions in Spartanburg County prior to 1805. The existing manor house is the original structure built by Charles and Mary. There are also a number of other buildings on the property, like one of the first schools in the area, a blacksmith’s forge, a meat house, a separate kitchen, as well as Dr. Andrew Moores reconstructed doctor’s office.

Walnut Grove Plantation
1200 Otts Shoals Road
Roebuck, SC 29376
Telephone: 864-576-6546

Walnut Grove
National Register of Historic Places/ Properties in South Carolina

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